How to Take Care of Your Body & Mind

10 Jan

The state of the mind is always reflected in the state of the body. Keeping a healthy state of mind guarantees that the body is in tip top shape but as humans, this can be difficult owing to the daily stress being faced on a constant basis.

As time goes on, we find that our daily routine of working, sleeping and more working becomes monotonous and has adverse effects on the body. The mind screams at you to take a step back to relax so as to allow your body recover.

There are various ways to achieve this and they are listed below:

1. Exercise:

Finding time in your schedule to squeeze in a good 30 minute to 1-hour workout on a daily basis will definitely make a difference to the state of the body and mind. A good cardio work out sees you letting go of daily stress and clearing your mind off any negative energy and tension.

You get to stretch out taut and tense muscles thereby leaving you in a relaxed frame of mind. If you are the busy type, then it would definitely pay to wake up a little earlier than normal so as to get a good exercise before starting the day.

2. Meditation and Yoga:

Psychology Today recommends that the best time to meditate is often during the early mornings where most people are still asleep. Doing meditation allows you prepare your mind for the upcoming activities of the day. It also helps in creating a deeper feeling of self-awareness and channel positivity. Meditation does not require any special activity or equipment it just involves getting a quiet place to focus on one’s own energy and thoughts.

A common mistake made by individuals is the confusing of yoga for meditation. Yoga is not meditation but a form of exercise that helps promote meditation. Yoga is in some cases similar to cardio while still being different from it to be unique on its own. Yoga can be said to be exercise and meditation all in one so if you think you would rather prefer having the two activities together instead of as separate, then yoga is for you.


3. Take Up a Hobby:

Most people find that if they have something recreational to help take their minds off the stress of daily activities, it helps in keeping them in a more relaxed frame of mind. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body. If our minds are engaged in activities we find pleasant or restful, then the effect on the body is profound. Hobbies like photography, film production, and painting involve having to view the world through the eyes of an artist and be appreciative of what we have. This helps improve the mind balance.

4. Get Organized:

If your life is free from clutter, then there will be no need to have a stressed mind. Statistics show that it is the things we do not have control over that cause a disruption in mind balance. Although we cannot always control everything, staying as organized as possible is a step in the right direction on gaining a controlled mind.


Have you tried any of these? What has worked for you? Share with us your personal experiences!